What you need to know



Camporee Fee is US$100

Fee Covers

  • Feeding
  • Accommodation
  • Souvenirs 
  • Logistics

Deadline - May 31, 2018

Late Registration - $110 (Ends June 31, 2018)

Ready to register? Click the link below to download the registration form and find out more information. 

Submit completed form to your club director or conference youth director.




  •     Inspirational Worship Services (Morning and Evening)
  •     Bible Study
  •     Prayer and Counseling
  •     Pathfinder Honor Work
  •     Skills/Trade Acquisition
  •     An evening with Pathfinder Club veterans
  •     Share your Faith (tract distribution)
  •     Short talks
  •     Games/Sports
  •     Musical Concerts
  •     Flag Ceremonies
  •     Marching and Drills
  •     Parade of the Nations
  •     Street Clean-up
  •     Planting trees
  •     Pleasure Boat ride
  •     Street parade
  •     Drama
  •     Fellowship & Comradery




Get ready to have fun and interact with other pathfinders in various events such as

  • Timber Toss
  • Many ways to get there
  • 100 meters relay race
  • Gunny sack relay
  • Slow Bicycle Race
  • Snatch the Ball

There will be many other exciting events and games, so come prepared for an amazing experience.